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Ribs Adobo

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Fire up the Grill! This plate is a slow cooked masterpiece which will not disappoint. It has all the flavors which will tickle your palette.

Shrimp - Devil Style

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Its time for the beach. This flavorful recipe is perfect when you are in a hurry to eat seafood.

Enchiladas Rojas

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Enchiladas Rojas por 6-8 personas. Comida perfecta para la familia. Rápido de preparar, especialmente cuando usa nuestra sabrosa salsa.

Fried Fish in Green Salsa

  • by

If you are looking for a good fish disk, this is it! It is flavorful and tasty!

Ribs in Green Salsa

  • by

Tasty fall off the bone ribs! Make them for a part and it will be a hit!

Pork Skins in Green Salsa

  • by

A delicious plate...In little time with simple ingredients. A confort food which is truly Mexican for you to enjoy!

Green Chilaquiles!

  • by

Great for Breakfast. Has the spiciness that you need and desire! Make them fast and easy with our salsa!

Green Enchiladas

  • by

This is a recipe our clients have been asking for, Classic Green Enchiladas!


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Classic Mexican Dish for the morning when the family desires some to satisfy their wishes!

Red Chilaquiles

  • by

Amazing for breakfast, just like grandmother use to make. Perfect Wake-Me-Up for the weekend mornings!